Slip And Fall Accidents

Personal Injury

Texas law holds property owners responsible for keeping their property safe for visitors.

If you slip and fall or trip and fall at a place that you were invited to, you may be entitled to compensation. However, Texas law is not so cut and dry that every incident where a slip and fall or trip and fall occurs Will result in compensation. Which is where hiring the Lander Law PLLC becomes necessary.

You need a lawyer who understands these complex laws & can help you fight in court.

What does it mean to be invited to a property?

If you are on a property for business reasons: at a grocery store, restaurant, Nailshop, Mall, gym, and you were conducting business on that property, you are considered invited. In certain slip and fall or trip and fall cases, you may also have been invited to personal property like someone’s home for dinner or game night.

One of the main laws, pertaining to slipping falls, is that the property owner has knowledge of the dangerous conditions that caused the fall.

For example, if they had recently mopped the floor and were aware that the floor was wet, or if they recently Applied a treatment to their cement that would cause the cement to be unsafe to walk in. Additionally, other unsafe conditions are known to contribute to slip and fall accidents, including but not limited to:

Flooring Conditions

– Worn Out Staircases
– Uneven Transitions (e.g. from carpet to tile)

Walkway Obstructions

– Potholes
– Shrubbery

Other Hazards

– Liquid Spills

What Should I do immediately after I slip and fall?

You should first report the incident to the property owner, and get a copy of the incident report.

Do not sign anything that the property owner or his or her staff provides to you.

Do not make a recorded statement about what happened on the property Leading up to the trip and fall.

Do not apologize for falling or for being injured. A lot of the insurance companies will use any form of an apology from you as admission of fault.

Take pictures of the conditions that caused you to fall, and take pictures of any injuries You sustained in the fall

If there were any witnesses, get their name, email, and phone number. You may also ask them to video record A statement about what they saw.

What would I be getting from the property owner if I win a slip and fall lawsuit against them?

You may be entitled to compensation for:

Medical Expenses

Lost Pay From Work

Other Damages Related to Your Pain

Suffering and Mental Anguish

How much does it cost to hire Lander Law PLLC to represent me?

You don’t pay us unless we win your case. There are no upfront costs for hiring our attorneys. Once you’re compensated by the court, we will take a percentage of the compensation you receive.