Growing up in Houston, with immigrant parents, Khadijah learned the

value of hard work, at a young age.


As a child, being a criminal defense attorney seemed most appealing based on television. However, as Khadijah maneuvered through law school and got familiar with more areas of law, she realized the law was so broad and there were no limits to the work that she could do.

About Company


As the first attorney in her family, there was no one close to influence her choice of practice.

After working at a personal injury firm while attending TMSL Khadijah found a place where her heart and head could be used for advocacy.

The diversity of law school taught me politics and systems. I realized that the lack of resources people have and the inability to advocate for themselves go hand in hand.

Choosing Personal Injury

Personal Injury is a field of law that requires great attention and empathy. Even minor inconveniences and injuries can change your life forever. Often people are injured by others and just let these injuries go untreated and they never receive help they deserve.

Through practicing personal injury, I get to educate people, get them proper treatment, and often my clients leave in a much better financial situation than they were in prior to their accident. Helping victims receive the fair compensation they’re legally entitled to.